Septic System Pumping

Septic System Pumping

septic pumping

Pumping Services

We recommend annual or biannual pumping for most residences, but this can vary based upon the number of occupants, amount of use (showers, laundry etc.) and the current condition of your system. Regular pumping and visual inspection of your tank and its contents, including baffles, tees and filters, is the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your septic system. Your tank is designed as the primary level of treatment, separating solids and grease from the liquid and allowing retention time for the effluent, thus enabling bacteria to break down the solid material so it won’t flow out to your leaching area. When tanks are not properly pumped solid material builds up on the bottom of the tank, which can allow it to reach the outlet tee and flow out to your leach field. If solid material enters the leaching system, it can clog lines and septic sand which can result in premature failure of your septic system. Rodenhiser technicians always pump the entire tank contents and take the time to check that there are no indications of problems or items needing repair. If your septic tank needs pumping, don’t wait — call us today!


Emergency Service

There is nothing worse than having a dire situation pop up out of nowhere at the most inconvenient time. For that reason, we offer 24-Hour Emergency Service for residential and commercial septic and grease pumping, drain cleaning and sewer, water and drainage line repairs. If you’re seeing signs that could indicate a major system issue, call us at 508-326-2642 as soon as possible to help mitigate extensive repairs with our emergency servicing!

Why Should I Pump My Septic Tank?

Our informational video series on septic systems will help you better understand why proper septic tank maintenance and servicing is crucial. In this particular video our owner Bill Rodenhiser will explain the basic function of a typical septic system and emphasize the importance of why you should have your tank pumped regularly.


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