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The Rodenhiser Septic & Drains team has a rich history of exceptional work, done in conformance with MA Title V law, and local town codes. Our team is known for their expertise in handling all types of septic systems from the most complex drip irrigation and forced distribution commercial systems to small, gravity fed, residential systems. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and provide; septic and grease trap pumping, drain cleaning, Title V Inspections, High Pressure Waterjet™ Leach Field Cleaning and high-tech video pipe inspection services. Our technicians are knowledgeable, polite and professional. Explore all our septic services to find out what Rodenhiser can do for you!

Septic Pumping

Regular pumping of your septic tank is a routine service that is of critical importance for protecting your leaching area from damage. A septic tank maintains a constant level of fluid which, once broken down by the naturally occurring bacteria in the tank, flows out to the leaching area for further bacteriological breakdown and filtering before returning to the soil adjacent to the leach field. Pumping the entire contents of your tank out on a regular basis is the only way to remove the solid material, or “sludge”, that builds up on the bottom of the tank. Without proper pumping the solid material builds up to a point where it reduces your tank’s operating capacity and can also flow out of the tank into your leach field, causing damage and even failure of your leaching area. The crews at Rodenhiser Septic & Drains understand the importance of preventative maintenance, including proper pumping and visual inspection of all critical tees/baffles and the installation of filters, to maximize the life of your septic system. Call Rodenhiser Septic & Drains today and get your septic pumping back on track!

Drain Cleaning

If you notice that the drains throughout your home or property are sluggish, or worse, have stopped draining completely, don’t take the sit and wait approach. Chances are that whatever is going on can be rectified before it turns into extensive and expensive repairs. Our teams have the experience and equipment, including high tech video pipe inspection cameras, needed to perform careful and thorough diagnostics on your drainage systems to determine what the issue is and how to rectify it. Whether it’s a drain inside your house – or 10’ down in your front yard – we will clear it or locate it and dig it up (if required) to get your house or business flowing again.

Title V Inspection

Title V is a Massachusetts law that regulates all septic systems by setting standards for new system design and installation and determining when and how existing systems must be evaluated. By law, a Title V Inspection must be performed when any home or business, that is not hooked into the town sewer system, is sold in Massachusetts. It involves visual inspection of all septic components and the filing of a detailed report which will result in a pass, a fail or a conditional pass (requiring a repair in order to pass Title V). If the system fails, a new Title V approved system must be designed and installed prior to the transfer of ownership. Rodenhiser Septic & Drains has licensed Title V Inspectors on staff and a courteous office staff available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Have the professional crews at Rodenhiser Septic & Drains make quick work of your Title V Inspection — call us today!

Septic Repair

If you’re experiencing backups or slow drains, especially on the bottom floor or basement level, or notice soft ground and/or liquid pooling near your septic tank or leach field, you need immediate service to diagnose and fix the problem to avoid potential property damage and public health issues that can easily result from theses telltale signs. Replacing a broken or missing tank baffle/ tee or an effluent filter is a simple repair that can prevent further damage to your home, yard or leach field. Other common repairs include replacement of a Distribution Box, Broken Lines or a cracked, leaking or crumbling Septic Tank. Regular maintenance and repairs can prolong the life of your system and help avoid costly larger repairs or replacement. The expert crews at Rodenhiser Septic & Drains have unmatched experience in repairing both older and modern septic systems. Our team is totally confident installing 30,000 gallon septic tanks. These tanks are often connected to large pumping stations that pressurize perforated pipes in a massive leach field with many intricate components. Let us bring this type of experience to your home and help protect your investment. Call us today and get your septic situation under control! Ask about our Waterjet Leach Field Cleaning Service.


Septic Replacement

Rodenhiser understands that installing a new septic system is an expensive and disruptive undertaking that, if not installed properly, with the appropriate materials, can lead to premature failure of your entire septic system. If you have a failed Title V Inspection, (due to a component issue) or your septic system is in complete failure, a system upgrade will be required in order to protect the public health. You may also be required to replace or expand your existing septic system when you add onto your home. Rodenhiser can help guide you through the entire design and replacement process, from soil testing to engineering and the installation of the new system. You won’t find a company with longer or more complete experience installing septic systems than Rodenhiser Excavating. Call us now to have your new system installed by professionals with over three decades of experience.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps require pumping and cleaning, according to State and local regulations, to avoid buildup that can cause major issues if left unchecked. We offer annual maintenance contracts to help keep you compliant with regulations for pumping frequency and are always available should you require emergency service. Rodenhiser Septic & Drains has been pumping interior and exterior grease traps for decades and understands the importance of removing grease to help maintain the health and longevity of your system. We take the time to completely empty the tank and wash it down with pressurized water to ensure that all the grease is removed. This routine process is one of the easiest ways to save yourself time and money in potential future clogged lines and repairs due to infrequent servicing. You wouldn’t just change half the oil in your car and proper cleaning of a grease trap is just as important! Call the experts at Rodenhiser Septic & Drains today for a thorough inspection and grease trap cleaning.

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Video Inspection

Rodenhiser Septic & Drains has video cameras allowing us to investigate and record information on the inside of pipes which help diagnose and locate breaks and obstructions in underground lines. A Video Pipe Camera is a valuable tool that can help avoid replacement of an entire line and allow for spot repairs that can save time, money and disruption of your yard, driveway, walkway or other landscaping features.

Septic Design

The first step you need to take when replacing a septic system is to get an engineered plan done and approved by the Board of Health and any other required approving authorities. Our staff is well versed in the engineering and design process and will quickly get a quote to you for the work required to produce an approved septic design plan. Once plans are approved we will provide you with a second proposal, for the installation of the approved system. Contact us today to begin the process for system replacement.


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