Rodenhiser Services

Rodenhiser Services

Rodenhiser Septic & Drains

The last thing that you want to deal with by yourself is an issue with your septic system. Rodenhiser Excavating Septic & Drains Team can handle any situation from high tech video pipe inspections and leach field Waterjet℠ cleaning to routine pumping of your septic tank or grease trap and Title V Inspections. When it comes time for new system design, repairs, or replacement our experienced staff is always there to help guide you through the process. Our 24-hour emergency service is always available. Please visit our Septic & Drains page to learn more.

Rodenhiser Excavating

The word Excavating can sound overwhelming and selecting the wrong contractor can certainly lead to job delays and unintended consequences. We approach all digging jobs with the final cleanup and restoration of your property in mind. We carefully manage the physical disruption of your property and contemplate the potential for associated damage with each scenario considered. This process allows us to guide you towards options that fit your situation and budget. Let us Prepare your land for maximum enjoyment of your newly created outdoor spaces while increasing the value of your home. We offer start to finish consulting and construction for cutting & clearing, stump and rock removal, hill removal, filling of low areas, lawn expansion, foundation excavation, drainage, sewer and water lines, retaining walls, granite and boulder stairs and land shaping. We blend our own premium screened loam to make certain that all our projects are cleaned up with fantastic results. Check out our Excavation and Historical Granite, Boulder Walls & Stairs pages to find out even more!

Rodenhiser Builders

Rodenhiser Builders works with property owners to create living and working spaces that meet their goals for functionality and aesthetics. We can work off existing blueprints or collaborate with you to create a design tailored to your family’s lifestyle or business’ needs. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to additions and new construction, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. Visit our Rodenhiser Builders page to learn more.

Historic Boulder Walls, Granite Stairs, Gardens & Ponds

We are real craftsmen when it comes to providing and installing historic boulder walls, custom granite steps, natural stepping stone paths, and the creation of magnificent planting areas, surrounding ponds, and water features. Inquire about the many brilliant accent pieces, including natural rock seats and tables, available for viewing upon request. Visit our Historic Boulder Walls, Granite Stairs, Gardens & Ponds page to find out more.

Earth Products & Materials

We carry a wide variety of high-quality materials for your landscaping projects. From our own blend of premium screened loam to stone, ordinary fill, screened fill, dense grade, wall boulders, wall stone, historic granite steps, rock seats & tables and wood chips, your outdoor living spaces will be fortified and looking great. Visit our Earth Products & Materials page to find out more.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Emergencies are never a welcome sight. Flooded basements, frozen pipes or broken water and sewer lines require fast action and expert response to get the situation under control quickly; to prevent health risks and additional property damage. Rodenhiser is fully licensed, with the tools and crews required to skillfully, efficiently and safely locate and repair; sewer lines, water lines and septic systems. We use experience combined with high tech pipe inspection cameras to diagnose before we dig. We own a vast array of different sized excavators, loaders, dump trucks and other heavy machinery allowing us to select exactly the right piece of equipment for the task at hand; enabling us to mobilization for emergencies of any scale at any time of the day or night. Our septic pump truck is fully equipped with a high-pressure Waterjet℠, video camera, and electronic locators allowing us to quickly diagnose the problem and resolve it. If you have a Water Line Break, Sewer Line Break, Frozen Pipes, Flooded Basement or Parking Garage, Broken or Leaking Septic Tank or Water or Sewage Backing Up into your home or business call our emergency line at 508-326-2642.

Snow & Ice Management

The Rodenhiser Excavating team is made of trusted professionals that have the experience and equipment to make fast work of commercial snow plowing and ice management. Our commercial clients; including hospitals, churches and large-scale retail plazas, demand and receive safe conditions regardless of the worst of events. Rodenhiser Excavating can help keep your business running smoothly with professional snow and ice management services.

Commercial Snow Plowing

When you own a business, you need to be able to operate in any condition and can’t let snow and ice affect critical staffing or valuable retail clients. If you’re looking for a team that you can rely upon to keep your medical facility, business or retail plaza free of snow and ice, Rodenhiser Excavating is the place to call. We effectively maintain massive lots, with miles of sidewalks and internally connected roadways, with our state-of-the-art loader-mounted ice scrapers and enclosed tractors, with sidewalk brooms and blowers, to prevent unwanted accumulations which can create extremely hazardous conditions. Contact us today to request a quote for seasonal or by the inch pricing.

Commercial Snow Removal

Rodenhiser Excavating provides exceptional and reliable snow removal services for our medical, commercial, retail and industrial clients. Our services also include complete snow removal, off-site, for clients. You can request one-time service in the event of a big storm, or contract with us for regular snow removal so you won’t ever have to worry about taking care of it yourself. Contact us today for expert snow removal.


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